Repeat Ibiza. Dream. Believe. Do. Repeat.

Repeat Ibiza was founded in 2016 and was built to be an updated calendar of events in Ibiza. Since then Repeat Ibiza has become a leading Ibiza information site with news, services and a huge amount of guides and information. And of course, our news section is still the focus – although these days it’s much bigger than it was in 2016.

We refresh the site for every season so you’re guaranteed to find only current information on the site and not info that’s years out of date. During the run up to the season we’ll be force-feeding you updates from the white isle. Whether you’re eagerly awaiting your first Ibiza trip, or you’re still trying to shake off the 2016 Ibiza blues, Repeat Ibiza 2018 will have all the information and updates you could ever need. The website is full to the brim with useful information to ensure that Ibiza virgins make the most of their first holiday, and Ibiza veterans try something different in 2018.

With a full calendar of 2018 events, which is updated regularly, Repeat Ibiza will be a vital source for this years party information, with the ability to purchase club tickets in advance, cheaply and easily. We also have an extensive Ibiza bar and club section with a comprehensive amount of information.

Repeat Ibiza is relying on you to keep us up to date with the latest news / pictures and videos on the island, so please contact us if you feel you’d like to contribute.