Aguas Blancas

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A long stretch of dark golden sand dominated by striking rocky cliffs, Aguas Blancas – one of the few ‘official’ naturist beaches in Ibiza – is a picture perfect example of Ibiza’s unspoiled northeastern coast. The turquoise waters are reasonably shallow and great for swimming, with plenty of caves and rocks to explore if you dare. When the wind is up, foamy white waves lap at the shore hence the name, translating to white waters.

Public attending

Ibiza locals escape the tourist traps of the summer by hitting the south end of Aguas Blancas, mixing with the ageing hippies and obligatory nudists! At the other end of the beach, it’s predominantly packed with European travelers, families and young couples.

Best time to go

It’s best to hit Aguas Blancas early to maximise tanning time, because the sun sinks behind the cliffs from 6pm, covering the sand in dramatic shadows. Plus, the later you arrive, the further up the hill you have to park!


Diving off the big rock jutting out of the sea on the south end of the beach. Sure, it takes some courage the first time around, but it’s well worth the effort.


Location: North-east coastline, between Es Figueral and Cala San Vicente.

How to get there: Follow the winding road leading north to Cala San Vicente and keep your eyes peeled for the hand painted signage on the right hand side indicating the Aguas Blancas turn off. Once you’ve turned in, you can take another right hand turn at the hostel sign to reach the southern parking, or continue straight ahead until you reach to the north end of the beach.

From Ibiza Town: 25-minute drive. From San Antonio: 25-minute drive.