Air Zone


Thirsty for that next injection of White Isle adrenaline? Allow us to introduce you to Air Zone Ibiza.

Think excitement exceeded, think no limits and think boundaries broken, all mixed in with one huge dose of immense fun of course! Think Air Zone Ibiza.

Guaranteed to have unreal amounts of fun with the end result leaving you with several stories to tell all your friends, Air Zone Ibiza is the very first inflatable orbs park in the party capital.

Bringing the “G” forces to an enjoyable form of reality, Air Zone Ibiza is original, different and is the ultimate ice breaker to make new friends for life.

Accompanied with a seating area to catch some Balearic rays, such an inclusion allows you to watch such glorious activities in action before you get hands-on with it.

Two group packages are offered allowing visitors to enjoy a complete two hours of the park, a welcome shot and of course, a complimentary drink. Customers also receive a souvenir in the form of a photograph which can be taken via a go-pro given to them by the park during each activity they participate in.

This particular package will appeal to hen parties, stag dos and big groups all on holiday in Ibiza.

This will cost €29 plus taxes per person. To book in advance, Air Zone Ibiza will send a PayPal order for the total price plus a 4.4% PayPal fee. Individual offers are also available starting from €10. Workers and residential discounts apply too.

Air Zone Ibiza is one zone you don’t want to miss out on.