Cala Comte



Surrounded by gorgeous scenery, including sand dunes and rocky cliffs behind the beach, Cala Comte boasts stunning views of the amazing sunset each night. The golden sand is perfect for little ones, with gentle, shallow and crystal clear water, while another rockier ledge leads to a sheltered, private cove where the sea is a little deeper, yet amazingly clean and clear.

People Attending

The shores of Cala Comte offer endless appeal for the young, old and naturists alike. It’s a very multi-cultural crowd… you never know what language you’ll hear beside you.

Best time to go

Hit the beach in the afternoon and then stick around for sunset… beware of the tide coming in and washing away your belongings, as it’s been known to do after about 7pm.


Cala Comte is also one of Ibiza‘s most renowned sunset spots, boasting breathtaking views as the sun slowly melts into the sea. Whether you choose to take a front row seat in one of the three restaurants or keep your feet firmly planted in the sand, one thing is for sure – this surely is the perfect way to end a perfect day.


Location: On the island’s west coast, just past Cala Bassa.

How to get there: Cala Comte is serviced by buses from San Antonio and ferries departing San Antonio Harbour throughout the summer and easily accessible by taxis and cars all-year round, with a reasonable size car park atop of the cliff.

From Ibiza Town: 25-minute drive. From San Antonio: 10-minute drive.