Cala Mastella



This sweet little cove is surrounded by cliffs and is one of Ibiza’s tiniest beaches. Because Cala Mastella is relatively untouched and unspoiled, it retains a very special bohemian-like vibe. The base of the sea is a bed of stones, meaning it’s advisable to purchase some waterproof rock shoes to make your entry into the water easier – the beauty of these stones however, means the calm waters remain completely clear, making Cala Mastella the perfect place to snorkel.

People attending

In-the-know locals and the very few lucky visitors who have stumbled across it on their travels, plus the visiting rich and famous who arrive via luxury yacht rather than car!

Best time to go

Space (and parking) is very limited so arriving early is essential… avoid the lunch hour rush if you can, as there are more people than spaces in the restaurant, famous for turning away the King of Spain.


Getting to Cala Mastella before anyone else arrives! Sure, you’ve got to get up early, but being alone on this tiny beach is exhilarating… plus you can nab the best spot!


Location: Situated at the base between two mountainous pine forests in the north, just past the village of San Carlos.

How to get there: Cala Mastella is only attainable by car. Follow the signs from the village centre of San Carlos directing you to Cala Mastella, where you eventually need to take a left hand turn to reach the beach.

From Ibiza Town: 30-minute drive. From San Antonio: 30-minute drive.