Cala Vadella



Approaching Cala Vadella is an absolutely spectacular sight – as you snake around the winding road, the first glimpse of the deep blue bay dotted with glam white yachts is amazing. As you wind your way down the hill into the quaint resort town, you’ll see the beach emerge with pretty turquoise green waters at the shallow, calm end. A small yet wide arc of sand is dotted with beach towels and sunbeds in the summer, however in the pre-season, don’t be surprised if you see the occasional horse rider galloping along the beach. Popular with families, there are plenty of water sports available and an array restaurants perched right on the sand to choose from.

People attending

It’s all about family time on Cala Vadella – predominantly English, Spanish and German, of all ages.

Best time to go

The early months of summer are the ideal time to visit Cala Vadella, before the peak season sets in and the beach gets too crowded.


All the little caves to the left hand side of the beach, where you can don your snorkel and mingle with the underwater citizens to your heart’s content.


Location: On the beautiful west coast of the island, stretched between Cala Moli and Cala Carbo.

How to get there: From the San Jose road, turn left at all the signs to the beaches, stay on the right of the road until you reach the roundabout signposted with Cala Vadella, turn left and keep following the signs until you reach the sparkling water.

Location: From Ibiza Town: 20 minute drive. From San Antonio: 10 minute drive.