Whilst the size of the venue is actually much smaller than many of it’s super-club rivals, DC10 Ibiza has a reputation equally as big. Beginning life as an old aircraft hanger, this popular venue is located right at the foot of the Ibiza airport (make sure you get a taxi with people otherwise you’ll end up either have a sober night or you’ll be walking home, not ideal at all).

When you exit your extortionate cab to DC10 Ibiza, you are welcomed with open-air and several crowds of music-hungry fanatics simply eager to enter the garden of DC10! Inside, you have a sublime terrace which once upon a time was open-air until 2007 and in addition, there is a smaller, darker room which possesses a VIP stature to it.

Remaining true and loyal to it’s underground core and naturism, DC10 Ibiza is all about the music! Whilst many may want that rare opportunity to seal a photograph with the famous DC10 logo above the entrance to the club for their latest social media profile picture, everyone in attendance goes for the pleasure of the music.

Inspirational names like Seth Troxler, Jamie Jones and Maya Jane Coles play their hypnotic trades on a weekly basis under the roof of DC10 Ibiza and you are able to catch them at two of the White Isle’s most in demand nights.


First of all, Circoloco, which starts in the afternoon every Monday and is recognised for the crazed clown that sends revellers into a frenzy when they see the distinctive logo. There is also Jamie Jones’ very own night which commenced back in 2012 called Paradise which offers a deep house option keeping doors open until 7am! Who needs their bed when you can roll up to breakfast an hour after leaving Paradise?

With music at the forefront and the sole focus, if you are going to wonder down to DC10 Ibiza this summer, make sure you are ready for some of the dirtiest beats Ibiza has to offer, some of the sweatiest crowds around and most importantly, one of the best clubbing experiences of your life.