Es Paradis


Situated in the very heart of San Antonio across the road from the club formerly know as Eden, Es Paradis Ibiza is by far one of the biggest attractions on that particular side of the island. Opening all the way back in 1975, this Spanish gem is one of the oldest yet more aesthetically pleasing clubs in Ibiza.

When you get inside, you will discover various arrays of beautiful decoration around entire premises. From the white pillows that accompany the white seats to the sexy and talented dancers, acrobats and aerialists that entertain the crowds with their fascinating moves and flexibility, Es Paradis Ibiza definitely has a glamorous feel to it.

If you’re feeling boisterous, you can always go VIP and book yourself a unique and flashy VIP table, some of which are projected above the club dance floor and you’ll have to walk through a sequence of incredible walkways, bridges and steps to get to them giving off a stairway to heaven-like impressive to it.

Discoteca Es Paradis. Opening Party.

Whilst this is a popular venue for the San Antonio locals, it is also one of the more major attractions for Ibiza virgins considering Es Paradis Ibiza plays hosts to the famous Fiesta Del Agua water parties and GLOW Neon Paint parties. Such parties on offer are considered the ultimate holiday experience for those who have never been to the island before and getting covered in water or paint is the next best thing since sliced bread to them!

Expected to be even bigger in 2016, you can also expect things to get a lot wetter and more artistic at Es Paradis Ibiza this year.