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The beaches of Formentera are the island’s main attraction…the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear turquoise seas are the things holiday dreams are made of.

All the beaches on Formentera are natural and almost always set within an unspoiled landscape. Here are just some of the reasons why Formentera’s beaches are so special:-

No mass building to spoil the gifts of nature

With the exception of the resort of Es Pujols, where you find small hotels and apartments near to the beach, there is little or no building to spoil the beaches.

Conservation at work

Many of the beaches are backed by sand dunes, which are protected. To help contain any wear and tear by tourism, the council has installed wooden walkways that enable visitors to walk, cycle or jog the length of the beaches. Some also have wooden benches strategically positioned to help you enjoy the view!

Information on flora and fauna

At regular points along the walkways there are information boards providing details about the local plants, birds and marine life.

Local charm

Many of the beaches still have the old huts used for fishing boats, all of which are still in use today. Handed down through the generations, they provide a glimpse into the history of the island when fish was the main diet of the inhabitants.

Chiringuitos or beach bars

Simple, and often rustic bars can be found dotted along some of the beaches. Never large, these bars each have their own personality and style that add to the ‘Formentera’ experience. Some of them continue their service into the night for lucky visitors to eat, drink & dance – and even enjoy a swim in between!

Please always respect the environment of this beautiful island, NEVER walk through the dunes or leave rubbish on the beaches.

A word about the sun: Please don’t forget that the sun’s rays are much stronger here than in the northern european countries. People who are not used to the sun should be very careful in the first few days. Make sure to use a sun cream with a high protection factor and avoid the direct sun between 12.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs. It is best to stay in the shade during these hours and don’t worry, you will still get a good tan…safely!

Playa Illetes

Playa Illetes is THE beach you’ve been searching for! White sand stretching as far as the eye can see, and incredibly clear azure waters both contribute to that Caribbean feeling the island is famous for.

This beach attracts a real mixture of people; daytrippers from Ibiza, the rich and famous stopping by in their expensive yachts and locals topping up their tan at the weekend.

In the height of summer Playa Illetes is perhaps the busiest of all Formentera’s beaches, due to its close proximity to the port. The excellent fish restaurants also draw a crowd, so it is best to make a reservation during high season to avoid disappointment.

The northern end of Playa Illetes is the most peaceful part of this long beach and is an official nudist reserve. Watersports can also be found on Playa Illetes.

n.b. Please note that a small charge is now made for parking at this beach (residents have 50% discount).
You can take a bus to the border of the beach (Es Moli de Sal), and then catch an electro-bus (there are 2 operating) to Levante y Illetas – the later is free.

Playa Llevant

A long broad sandy beach on the north eastern coast of Formentera, Playa Llevant offers fabulous views of Ibiza.

This is one of the most peaceful beaches of the island, a place where you you can truly get away from it all.

Sand dunes back the beach along with the old salt pans providing private and sheltered places for nudists.

A word of caution; Playa Llevant tends to get the full force of any strong winds so there can be strong currents and high waves at times.

Cala Saona

Small is definitely beautiful when it comes to Cala Saona!

Situated on the West coast of Formentera, only a short distance from San Francisco, this small, deep horseshoe shaped bay’s sandy beach is backed by red rocks…something rarely seen in coastal landscapes. Add to this clear turquoise water with picturesque fishing boats, and Cala Saona will have you reaching for your camera as soon as you arrive!

As the water in the bay is quite shallow it gets warm very fast. A little further around the cove some rocky inlets allow private bathing.

There is a hostel, a lovely beach bar and some good quality restaurants above the bay.

Playa la Savina

Playa la Savina is the beach nearest to La Savina. A sweep of white sand and the azure sea form a wonderful contrast to the pine and sabina trees, which give much needed shade in the heat of the day. Magnificent views to Ibiza can also be enjoyed here.

Playa Es Pujols

A broad sandy beach which has little rocky islands offshore and is backed by sand dunes, Playa Es Pujols is situated in Es Pujols, the biggest tourist resort on Formentera.

There is a pretty promenade dotted with restaurants and bars, and shops with all beach necessities nearby.

Watersports are very popular at Playa Es Pujols.

Behind the beach is an expanse of protected sand dunes and a wooden walkway with some nice bars and restaurants has been provided to allow visitors to walk the full length of the beach.

Playa Migjorn

Situated on the southern coast of Formentera, and at 6 km Playa Migjorn is by far the longest beach on the island.

One of the most popular of all the beaches, Playa Migjorn boasts fine white sand (some stretches partly scattered with rocks), clear blue sea, little fun beach bars and quality restaurants. What more could you possibly want?

This is also another paradise for nudists, and for snorkelers the off-shore rocks hide a wealth of marine life.

A real Robinson Crusoe beach!

Es Caló

Not officially a beach, but we thought it was worth a mention as it is a superb spot for snorkelling.

The sea at Es Caló is breathtakingly clear and there is an area of deep water which is an amazing shade of blue due to minerals in the rocks that reflect the light.

This is a “must-see” whilst on Formentera!

Playa Es Arenals

Situated at the eastern end of Playa Migjorn this white sandy beach has a diving and windsurfing school which was one of the first of its kind on the Balearic islands.

You won’t feel crowded here but you will feel a bit closer to civilisation than on Playa Migjorn as there are beach bars, restaurants, sun loungers, parasols and pedaloes.

Now for some smaller Beaches…

El Tiburón

El Tiburon is located between Illetes and La Savina beaches, but even so, it remains quiet and peaceful even during high season.

Here you will find pine trees that provide shade in the heat of the day, and it is a great spot to watch the yachts coming and going to Ibiza.

There is an excellent, though quite expensive restaurant “El Tiburón” which is very popular with the wet-set.

Playa Tanga

This bright white sandy beach can be found between Es Pujols and Playa de Llevant.

It has all the characteristics of Formentera’s other beaches yet it is one of the quietest.

For those with a sweet tooth, the beach restaurant “Tanga” apparently offers the best cake on the island!

Playa Tramuntana

This secluded little bay is situated on the otherwise rocky coast at the village of Es Caló in the north eastern part of Formentera. It is a sweep of almost pure white sand lapped by the turquoise sea.

To get to it, take the road from San Fernando to La Mola and you find the bay on the left just before Es Caló.

There is no parking area, so visitors should park their cars next to the main road.

Sa Roqueta

Another pure white beach with crystalline waters, the popular beach Sa Roqueta lies between Es Pujols and Levant.

Although very popular with nudists the waters are shallow and so it is perfect for families too.

If you walk to the end of the beach you will find a traditional beach bar serving drinks and, on occasion, vendors come along the beach selling coconuts and fresh fruits to sunbathers.

Again, there is no parking area, so visitors should park their cars next to the main road .