Master Chefs in the kitchen and masterminds behind this masterpiece, Spain’s most prized kitchen possessions, brothers Ferran and Albert Adria as well as global entertainment juggernaut, Cirque de Soleil, constructed together a gift that simply keeps on giving. From the joys of the open-air terrace to the beauty of the succulent street food seductions, it definitely is a delight to see such a scintillating supper room combine together with extraordinary art and performance.

HEART On Fire by Andrei Oprescu

In addition to this, Heart Ibiza has also seen its fair share of celebrated names walk through its doors and grace its unique stage. These range from Duran Duran and George Clinton to Sven Vath and Guy Gerber. At Heart Ibiza, you must simply expect the unexpected, that’s for certain.

Artistic creations from such international galleries like Ventana Contemporary Ibiza and Art Project Ibiza can be admired at Heart Ibiza. The works of the likes of Miguel Chevalier and Takashi Murakami can leave you speechless staring on in amazement. Cirque de Soleil’s involvement also completes the unique qualities of Heart Ibiza with its own body painters, muses, urban dancers, contemporary choreographers and more.

Keep on dancing by Andrei Oprescu

With such values as fun, leisure and free-spirit being shared in volumes. Heart Ibiza screams everything that is positive and worth experiencing about the White Isle. Step foot in here and you will walk out a changed person for life.