Kanya Beach Ibiza


Where is one of the only places in the party capital where people can start and end their night at the same time? The Sunset Strip of course! And where better to watch the sun go down and relax or get on the first drinks of the night representing the very first chapter of your big night out than Kanya Beach Ibiza?

However, it doesn’t matter if you’re just chilling out and having a few quiet drinks with friends or taking shots of vodka in through your eyeball, nobody can deny how beautiful, how breath-taking and how incredible the feeling is when you watch the sun set along the Sunset Strip in Ibiza (even after eyeballing a shot of vodka it’s slightly more painful but tremendous view nonetheless).

It’s even more tremendous when you don’t have thousands of people sat in front of your view and you don’t have the challenge of sitting down on the uncomfortable, sharp rocks trying to balance your bottle of vodka and mixer hoping it doesn’t fall over and disappear into the ocean. That’s where a seat on the seafront with uninterrupted views and a table to rest your cocktail on at Kanya Beach Ibiza comes in handy.

Accompanied by live music and DJ’s depending on whatever day it may be, the music, crowd and atmosphere inside Kanya Beach Ibiza is always full of positivity and caters to everyone’s musical taste buds. There is also a refreshing, wonderful and luscious pool on hand if you ever need to cool down from the relentless beats of the sun and heat.

The food at Kanya Beach Ibiza is equally as good. Extremely tasty and appetising, you can’t beat a scrumptious mixed grill with a delicious well-cooked steak with chicken, ribs and chorizo.

Kanya Beach Ibiza is simply delightful.