Situated right next to Ibiza Rocks Bar and Itaca, you would have to have your head buried in the sand to miss this one. With tourists and revellers flocking there on a daily basis, the atmosphere is truly explosive no matter what the occasion is.

Open from 11am in the morning serving those early morning pints for the people who immediately want to get back on the drinking wagon after a night out until 4am the next day, Linekers Ibiza rarely sleeps.

At Linekers Ibiza, there truly is something for everyone. It can be a place to gather for your first cool, relaxing pint of the day whilst you catch a few hours in the sun, it can be considered a location to begin your night out with a few drinks between you and your mates and it can also be utilised as a meeting point ahead of a very special night out with several other Ibiza clubbers.

With several drink deals on offer and the world’s biggest sports on show all over the large LCD screens inside the bar, you simply can’t complain.

With that in mind, we will see you at the bar for a night to remember!