You can experience such pleasures at the likes of Cafe Mambo or Cafe Del Mar. You can also witness this poetry in motion at the luxurious Savannah Ibiza.

Slap, bang in the middle of the competition, Savannah Ibiza competes with Cafe Mambo and Cafe Del Mar on a daily basis throughout the summer months however true underdog fashion, Savannah Ibiza can hold its own even on it’s quietest days.

Savannah Ibiza provide some of the finest food on offer along the Sunset Strip. With several cocktails on hand, a deluxe range of fantastic meals and much more, Savannah Ibiza is the perfect place to wine and dine just before the big sun set occurs.

As night falls, Savannah Ibiza rises and bursts into life. International DJ’s stop by and play their trade warming up prior to their sets at bigger nightclubs later that particular evening and with the DJ just metres away from the crowd enjoying food and drink, it makes for a very unique atmosphere.

Savannah Ibiza is a formidable part of the Sunset Strip and is definitely worth visiting whilst exploring the party capital.