Replacing a nightspot called Mama which was adjoined to Hotel Garbi, Swag Ibiza has now become the go-to destination for those in search of something different and those in search of opening Ibiza’s ear to the sound of urban music.

With hip-hop beats, grooves, raps and rhymes at their disposal and international live acts flying in to deliver special live performances (these include Nina Sky and DMX), the potential for Swag Ibiza to grow even further as a club even though it has not long been open just speaks volumes already.

Swag Ibiza is currently in a promising position as is the urban music scene and this will continue to happen whilst the action continues to remain on fire on the dance floor every week. Sooner or later, Swag Ibiza won’t be able to provide anyone with any room to move, let alone dance, as it will be that jam-packed as the weeks progress!

With an objective of trying to get urban music noticed more and back on the map in Ibiza, Swag Ibiza will lead by example in spreading the word about urban music and what they offer which is completely different to that of any other super-club – now you have no excuses but to come and check out just exactly why everyone keeps talking about Swag Ibiza.