Veto Social Club


Whilst “veto” in terms of politics may not always represent the view of the public, the term “veto” in Veto Social Club Ibiza is certainly intended to. With objections to enjoying captivating and exciting music beyond genre-limitations in a delightful and inspiring atmosphere, Veto Social Club Ibiza is very different to what the local scene on the White Isle has to offer. In search of real experiences and methods of expression in the purist of mannerisms, Veto Social Club Ibiza also offers music enthusiasts a view to life outside of mainstream music where sonic and visual environments are free to be explored.

When exploring the premises, Veto Social Club Ibiza always acts as the perfect host presenting its guests to get the opportunity to enjoy a mind-blowing cocktail lounge, an exquisite bar, a sensational terrace and of course, an intense and intimate club atmosphere like no other allowing you to get lost in whatever world you wish so desire – basically, life’s always good when inside this hidden gem.

Different to anything else the White Isle has to offer, Veto Social Club Ibiza is run by a group of artists coming from a strong Rock background who possess a passion of caring for a musical landscape with diversity. It is also an opportunity for those on the same wavelength to enjoy a platform in which they can’t experience anywhere else in Ibiza.

With the only requirements needed being positivity, respect and a smile, the doors of Veto Social Club Ibiza are open to anyone looking to taste something new in this party capital paradise.