Zoo Project


Ever since the Zoo Project Ibiza and all of its crazy party animals invaded San Antonio, Saturdays in Ibiza simply haven’t been the same!

And in 2017, Tuesdays aren’t going to be the same either – as the Zoo Project announces a twice weekly schedule. The Zoo is alive and open again and every week, thousands descend upon the self-titled ‘abandoned zoo’ (we put that in apostrophes because it isn’t actually an abandoned zoo, however there’s nothing stopping us from pretending) for a day and night of absolute debauchery and carnage. The Zoo Project Ibiza 2017 is set over a few different arenas at Benimussa Park; each one introduces unique music and a different place to party. Our personal favourite is the seal pit – complete with grand-stand dancing, acrobatic dancers and every other slice of uncaged animal action you could imagine (minus real-life seals).

This summer, you will be able to unleash your inner-party animal every Saturday from when the gates open on Tuesday 9th May until when they close on Tuesday 10th October in 2017 at the Zoo Project Ibiza 2017.

There’s also a pool which you can take full advantage of at Zoo Project Ibiza 2017 – but be careful of the alligators (ok, just people dressed up like alligators, but still be careful). The party starts early in the afternoon and for once we actually recommend getting there early! Enjoy the sunshine, crazy costumes and music before getting down and dirty to some techno beats and the sun sets into the Balearic night sky.

You know it’s the Zoo Project day when you can’t walk five feet in San Antonio without seeing a zebra or leopard, and the air is thick with glitter and face paint particles. There’s buses that run to the Zoo Project Ibiza 2017 every half-an-hour or so from the bus terminals and this will probably be one of the most surreal but fun bus journey’s you will ever undertake, just picture Noah’s Ark but everyone is instead going in two-by-twos on wheels, hurrah, hurrah. All of this really gets you in the mood for the massive ZOO PROJECT IBIZA 2017.

The great thing about the Zoo Project is that it’s an open-air party and you can be dancing for hours underneath the blazing Balearic sun, before losing your inhibitions and jumping into the pool fully clothed and fully painted!

See you at the Zoo for Zoo Project Ibiza 2017!